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Four-point Risk Management Strategy “ensuring consistent product quality and proper supplier selection”

1. Preproduction

Physical plant surveys to evaluate manufacturing and storage facilities, production stability and capacities. Surveys our subcontractors or outsourced production processes.

In-depth quality assurance reviews including incoming material controls, in-process quality controls and final inspection quality criteria are conducted.

Social accountability concerns are reviewed including vendor employee interviews.

Processing of contractual agreements and terms of supply.

Internal Factory assessment report is generated which indicates all major/minor nonconformities along with a recommendation to proceed.


2. Production

Detailed product specs and quality criterion are developed.

Pilot run and product testing before mass production begins.

“Golden sample” and Min/Max range boards are used to confirm agreed product acceptance criteria.

Statistical process controls, rework stages and final pass yields are monitored to define potential areas of risk.


3. Final Inspection

Every shipment is inspected by our quality inspector prior to authorization for final shipment release.

Inspections utilize a comprehensive and product specific inspection procedure (IP) developed during design stage and encompassing customer’s requirements.

Random sample inspection limits are defined using AQL sampling and inspection methodologies.


4. Compliance Reviews

Use of external third party test facilities to ensure product compliance where necessary.

Effectively communicate ongoing expectations and defined measures of success.