Four-point Risk Management Strategy – “ensuring consistent product quality and proper supplier selection”

1. Preproduction

  • Physical plant surveys to evaluate manufacturing and storage facilities, production stability and capacities. Surveys our subcontractors or outsourced production processes.
  • In-depth quality assurance reviews including incoming material controls, in-process quality controls and final inspection quality criteria are conducted.
  • Social accountability concerns are reviewed including vendor employee interviews.
  • Processing of contractual agreements and terms of supply.
  • Internal Factory assessment report is generated which indicates all major/minor nonconformities along with a recommendation to proceed.

2. Production

  • Detailed product specs and quality criterion are developed.
  • Pilot run and product testing before mass production begins.
  • “Golden sample” and Min/Max range boards are used to confirm agreed product acceptance criteria.
  • Statistical process controls, rework stages and final pass yields are monitored to define potential areas of risk.

3. Final Inspection

  • Every shipment is inspected by our quality inspector prior to authorization for final shipment release.
  • Inspections utilize a comprehensive and product specific inspection procedure (IP) developed during design stage and encompassing customer’s requirements.
  • Random sample inspection limits are defined using AQL sampling and inspection methodologies.

4. Compliance Reviews

  • Use of external third party test facilities to ensure product compliance where necessary.
  • Effectively communicate ongoing expectations and defined measures of success.